FlangeBreaker B.V. has started in 2018 as commercial partner to produce, introduce and market the patented FlangeBreaker™ technology into producing industries. The co-workers at FlangerBreaker B.V. have each earned their place in the heavy industries and advise our customers with (safety) advice and procedures to optimize “first Break” of pipeline flanged connections.

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It doesn’t matter how thorough your cleaning procedures are, how well the pipeline is drained, and how trained your co-workers are. Guarantee that the industrial pipeline is 100% “sweet” gas- and product free is in most existing industries only possible in theory. Negative influencers are for example existing pipelines that are sacked and therefore no longer fully horizontal or expansion loops who still contain product.

Watch our FlangeBreaker demo video for a short introduction.

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Advantages of our FlangeBreaker™

advantages of the flangebreaker

No fluid emissions, emissons of gasses or fibres

Unlimited storage capacity

Less protective clothing of operators needed

Controlled opening of the flange gap

WATCH OUR FLANGEBREAKER DEMO VIDEO Zero emission Pipeline break equipment

FlangeBreaker™ is sold in West Europe by Steekflens B.V.

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