No matter how sound your cleaning and draining measurements. No matter how well trained your staff is, in our industry it is virtual impossible to clean a pipeline to 100% liquid- and gas free conditions.  Pipelines are not levveled anymore, bends and risers in the system make that in a lot of cases there is stil (rest) product in the system.

Our Flangebreaker is a patented system for opening (first break)  of flanged connections. Each size and pressure rating has its on custom desigend Flangebreaker to ensure maximum safety in all conditions

The Flangebreaker is easily installed on the closed flange assembly in a way that the studolts still can be reached and loosened by the flange Mechanic. Reamining product is actively extracted from the system.

the flangebreaker

  • Lightweight aluminium housing keeps handling simple even at large diameters
  • Sizing from 2"150# up to 24"300#. Also for DIN flanges
  • Oil resistant NBR rubber (Nitrile)  sealing element. Other qualities on demand
  • Split design with centering bolts makes installation on vertical pipelines possible and ensures that the flangegap is opened.
Winner of the ondernemersprijs 2019