Our rental procedure

As Flangebreakers have a variety of sizes and as you don't need them all year long we have made the Flangebreaker available for RENT. Simply state the size and the period you need our Flangebreaker and we make sure they are on location in time.

Renting is more ecological and sustainable than buying a FlangeBreaker yourself. When rented, our Flangebreakers are in operation on multiple sites. Thus saving:

  1. Energy
  2. Materials
  3. The use of our, valuable, natural resources

FlangeBreakers are designed to extract (dangerous) gasses and liquids from industrial pipelines. Due to the safety of your and our People and Planet we developed a procedure to eliminate (product) contamination and ensures a safe and efficient Flangebreaker usage. Each FlangeBreaker is checked on 10 critical point at supply and when received back from work.

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